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MoleAttack is very simple.

MoleAttack contains a powerful formula that positively repels all moles. If they touch it, they wont be back!

A small piece of wadding is placed inside the active mole trail. The mole will brush against it the next time they enter or exit the trail.  They HATE the stuff and they won't be back.

The active ingredient is a completely non-toxic substance that can be found in many households. The moles have a metabolism that extremely very sensitive to it. Once it touches their skin they won't come back. MoleAttack will also get rid of voles and gophers.

MoleAttack is is completely safe for humans and household pets.


MoleAttack is the best way to get rid of your moles.

Purchase MoleAttack
MoleAttack costs $23.95 per container, plus $3.95 shipping