mole repellent
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Mole Repellent

MoleAttack is a completely non-toxic, environmentally-safe mole repellent!

Everyone hates moles!
Moles can tunnel 12 to 15 feet/hour. This can quickly destroy your expensive yard. And, not all of the damage caused by moles is visible. The tunneling can cause your yard to sink. Eradicate moles now! Remove moles forever! Mole Repellent!

MoleAttack is the solution. It really works.

 Past methods of getting rid of moles include using poisons, smoke bombs, setting traps (which could cut off your finger), or putting sonic chasers in the ground to scare the moles away.

These older methods can be dangerous and
ust Does Not Eliminate Moles Quickly.

Now you can get rid of moles just by dropping a small piece of biodegradable mole repellent into the trail.

mole repellent

Once you put the treated MoleAttack wading into the mole trail, your done. That's it. It's really that easy! MoleAttack is a great mole repellent.

MoleAttack - and they won't be back!
Less then 5 minutes to apply this mole repellent
(2 minutes if you work fast)

MoleAttack is a great mole repellent.

Purchase MoleAttack
MoleAttack costs $23.99 per container, plus $3.95 shipping

Mole Repellent