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Here are some pictures to show how easy MoleAttack is to use!

Gallery 1
- Gallery 2 - Text Instructions

If you can not find the mole hole, use these instructions

First find the mole trail. It should be easy to find since they are highly noticeable. Next go a few feet from where you think the trail ends, and spread the grass appart. Now take a knife or stick and drill a hole, strait into the mole hole.
When the tool pushes into the tunnel you are done drilling your hole. Now take a wadding of MoleAttack and hold it near the mole hole. Shove the wadding in to the mole hole with your finger or a tool (like a knife or stick).
Your Done!!!  
Pat down the hole you dug, not hard just push the grass back with your hand. Your moles will be gone in 1 day!  

Click on a image for the enlarged version.